Terrain modeling & City builder Software

Robust city modeler

Produce, edit, and analyze very high quality 3D data


Import / Export

Import / export to CityGML or Shapefile formats files. RhinoCity allows you to manipulate structured data directly from Rhinoceros.

Import CityGML.


Automatically correct alignments or numerical precision problems inherent in the stereoscopic 3d capture process.



Build automatically complex buildings in CityGML format from polygons of roof.


Buildings creation and error detection.


Handle your CityGML data with ease. Create, convert, add or group items CityGML to build still more complex, elaborate structures in compliance with the standard CityGML. Ensure the durability of your treatments.


Attributes in CityGML.


Texture automatically and intelligently of entire towns from terrestrial or aerial image in one click!


Auto texturing - Caluire - Grand Lyon.


Leverage the power of the Shapefile attribute structures directly in Rhino.


Attributes Shapefile layer.