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An innovative compagny

RhinoTerrain was created in 2008 by Experts in geomatics and computer graphics. RhinoTerrain won OSEO 2008, a French national competition which rewards innovative technology companies . We are developping "Geo-Modeling" solution for more than 10 years.
The team is composed of highly skilled expert providing services in different sectors (architecture, urban planning, industry, academic research) which allows RhinoTerrain to capitalize on multiple sectoral experiences.

All these skills are put to the service of a  new generation of 3D "Geo-Modeling" tools dedicated to geo-referenced and standardized (CityGML) data production.


RhinoTerrain is a creative an innovative company. Strong Technicity and high Performance are at the heart of our daily work, aiming to deliver the best suitable solutions to our end-users.

Our main values are:
- Strictnesswith a pragmatic & people-centered approach of the geomatic field.
- Mastery in all stages of our products development, without  any subcontracted operations in order to ensure our products sustainability.
- Adaptability of our solutions, based on customers' needs and feedbacks.
- Responsible,  in the implementation and the support we provide to our customers.
- Transparencyof methods and pricing list.

With RhinoTerrain “be SMART” throughout your workflow.

We are committed to providing efficient and reliable tools. We strive to testing our algorithms on real data extracted from customers' cases. All our computations are performed in double precision to ensure that the spatial coordinates use the better numeric accuracy.
Our solutions use the CityGML standard in order to provide seamless interoperability throughout your processing chain.