Terrain modeling & City builder Software

Our suite of Geo-modeling plugins is based on the 64-bit McNeel Rhinoceros software.
We have designed our tools especially for geomatics, photogrammetry, GIS, civil engineering, surveying and engineering companies.
In addition to the powerful capabilities of Rhinoceros, we bring to our customers an intuitive and powerful way to edit, manipulate and visualize 3D data. You will see your data and apply advanced process to them.
RhinoTerrain™ can handle with enormous topographic data sets, pointclouds, LiDAR. With RhinoTerrain™, it is simple to create and manipulate DTM or calculate volumes.

Our products allow orthophotos and textures mapping on your DTM or buildings.

RhinoCity™ is an industrial solution specializing in the generation of 3D cities. With a very high efficiency, you can create topological buildings according to the CityGML standard.

RhinoCity™ includes a high efficiency texturing engine.
Give yourself a 3D software from unique technology!