Efficient 3D stereo
object data capture

RhinoCapture™ provides an advanced and efficient set of functionalities to gather 3D data, even for complex urban configurations.

The features and working environment of RhinoCapture™ garantees an enhanced user experience for maximum productivity.

2D or 3D snapping, azimuth compliance, slope control, input assistance through parametric roof models are tools that ensure the perfect quality of the collected geometries, for a minimal input effort.
DAT/EM SummitEvolution™ is the 3D digital stereographic station associated with RhinoCapture allowing the use of monochromatic, panchromatic multispectral aerial images with three and more channels.

By combining RhinoCapture™ and SummitEvolution™, users leverage the strength of both products to capture precise 3D geometries, coplanar and topologically perfect. 


smoothly integrated
RhinoCapture™ et SummitEvolution™ work in tandem to let you acquire 3D data in a powerful 3D stereo environment: collected 3D features are rendered in both systems simultaneously.
for maximum productivity
Interface utilisateur optimisée

easy to use interface

Intuitive codification of elements to digitize, responsive toolbars, dynamic display, touch pad
une intégration parfaite

smoothly intEgrated
RhinoCapture and SummitEvolution constitue a powerful 3D stereographic environment
modèles paramétriques

Parametric roof templates
A large set of roof and dormers templates to help you to create perfect geometries with just a few mouse clicks

increased productivity and quality
Constant display of compliance with the selected input rules guaranteed comfort and efficiency.

2D or 3D snapping, respect of a Z dimension, constraint orientation: the toolbars and the 3D cursor inform you in real time of the validity and precision of your input.

Advanced toolbars and the possible use of a touch pad facilitate the tasks of the input operator.


RhinoCapture™ provides a powerful parametric geometry engine dedicated to capturing roofs and dormers.

A large set of roof and dormer templates help you create roofs and topological and coplanar structures in just a few clicks!

The use of these geometric models combined with a high-performance 3D stereographic station guarantees an enhanced user experience for maximum prodictivity.


usE a parametric roof template : 

Dynamic capture of an L-shaped 4 sections roof

Use of this parametric model generates 6 sections of coplanar and topological roofs in just 5 clicks.

going further
Capturing high quality 3D data is just the first step. Now use RhinoCity™ to produce complete 3D textured urban models with embedded GIS information.
Semlessly coupled with RhinoCapture, RhinoCity takes your data performance even further.
  • Use roof lines to automatically model 3D buildings
  • Add and edit attributes with GIS information tools
  • Define textures from aerial imagery
  • Export to CityGML
  • And much more…

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