All of our software are plugins of the Rhinoceros® 3D engine developed by Robert McNeel & Associates.

Rhinoceros® is a 3D modeler that relies on accurate mathematical representation of free-form curves and surfaces (as opposed to polygonal mesh-based applications).

In particular, the power of Rhinoceros® comes from that it exploits and manipulates the mathematical model of NURBS (Non-Uniformal Rational B-Splines). NURBS are mathematical representations of 3D objects that can accurately describe all types of geometry: a simple 2D segment, a circle, an arc, a curve, as well as a complex 3D surface or 3D solid. .

Also containing a powerful mesher, it allows the creation and edition of complex 3D models.

Its multiple capacities of exchanges with the most important existing 3D formats make it a platform of development rich of potentials.

Since its creation, RhinoTerrain SAS has recognized in Rhinoceros® the 3D modeler that would allow the development of our range of 3D geo-modeling solutions.

Developed exclusively in C ++ and for 64-bit platforms only, our software is a new and powerful tandem with this innovative and unmatched 3D modeler.

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