GrandLyon's Solar Cadastre


GrandLyon's Solar Cadastre

The solar cadastre allows to know the level of sunshine of each roof, ie the solar energy received by each square meter of a roof over a given period (in kWh / m² for one year).

The roofs are colored according to their sunshine, with a 6-level gradient ranging from "excellent" to "bad". The solar cadastre also indicates the total amount of energy that can be produced over a year by installing photovoltaic solar panels (kWh / year).

Produced using RhinoCity™ the Lyon Metropolis has a very accurate 3D model of its territory: each building, each roof, is modeled.

Thanks to RhinoSolar™, based on this model and the sun's course for a year, the sun was calculated for each roof section. The visibility of each 3D element present in the model has been taken into account during the calculations. Thus, if a tree, building or urban equipment obscures the sun, it is integrated in the calculation. Only taking into account the global visibility complex allows the development of a reliable and realistic solar cadastre.

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